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Display live system stats on your taskbar

When it comes to monitoring a computer’s performance, users always look to the Task Manager to ensure that things are running smoothly. However, having to open the tool every time can be a bother. With third-party utility apps, such as Taskbar Stats, you don’t have to keep your Task Manager open all the time. It offers hassle-free and straightforward performance monitoring by displaying live system stats on your desktop’s taskbar. 

How Taskbar Stats works

With Taskbar Stats, you can keep an eye on your computer's current RAM and CPU usage without opening any additional window. This is done by having the app display your live system stats right on your taskbar. The software offers four toolbars menu, the first two of which are called the NetSpeedBit and NetSpeed counters, which display your current network speed. These counters change dynamically depending on your internet speed and usage.

The third counter is called CpuRam, which monitors your computer’s resource usage. The CPU monitor—represented by the letter C—shows the current processing power being utilized, while the RAM monitor—represented by the letter R—shows the memory being used in Gigabytes. Finally, the last counter is the DiskSpeed indicator, which lets you check your hard drive’s read and write speed. Just like the network monitors, this counter changes dynamically.

First-time users will need to add it as a new toolbar to the taskbar upon installation. A couple of refreshes might also be needed for the new functions to become visible. While the program does integrate into your taskbar, it is not customizable though. You will not be able to change its appearance. Moreover, it does not work well with a light-colored theme, so you might be better off with a dark theme if you are using this app.

Handy monitoring solution

To wrap it up, Taskbar Stats is a helpful data monitoring tool to have when you want to keep track of your computer’s performance without opening your Task Manager. The app monitors your network speed levels, as well as your CPU and RAM usage in your taskbar. However, it is not customizable, so you will have to find a theme that works well with its design.


  • Displays live system stats in your taskbar
  • Four monitoring counters
  • Users can pick which counters are shown
  • Provides data updates every second


  • The update interval cannot be changed
  • Does not allow customization
  • Does not work well with light-colored themes

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Taskbar Stats for PC

  • Free
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